Looked At Antioch Apartments For Rent Before Choosing One

I was trying to find a place to live after moving to Antioch. My friend let me stay with her until I could get on my feet and find my own place. It was only a few weeks before I found a job and started looking for Antioch apartments for rent. I wanted to live on my own rather than living with her. Even though I know I wasn’t, I felt like I was intruding on her space. So I started looking for an apartment for rent.

The last time I rented an apartment, I found it on Craigslist. That’s the first place I went to when I was searching. I found a few apartments on there for rent in Antioch so I contacted the person that posted them. There weren’t many pictures of the apartments, but the landlords I spoke to offered to show them to me in person. I set up appointments to look at those and kept searching in the meantime.

Next, I went to For Rent and looked at the apartments listed on that website. I had heard many people talk about finding apartments using this site and thought I would give it a try. I was able to find a few more I was interested in looking at and set up appointments to see them too.

After looking at the apartments I found, I decided to rent one that was much cheaper than the others. It wasn’t perfect and it was kind of small, however it would work out for me. I was able to move into it quickly and was so happy to be on my own again. I am so thankful that my friend let me live with her, but I am so glad to have an apartment that’s mine.