Sweaty Man Accused Of Stealing Oreos, Car

NASHVILLE, TN — A man wearing a hooded sweatshirt during Tuesday’s record-breaking heat was "sweating profusely" when police stopped on suspicion of breaking into a car. He also allegedly stole some Oreos.

Metro Nashville Police patrolling Tampa Drive in South Nashville saw Tahylor Howard-Johnson, 20, inside a car with a flashlight Tuesday afternoon, according to an arrest report. Police ran the tags and were provided a photo of the owner, which did not match Howard-Johnson.

Though the temperature was 71 degrees at the time, police said Howard-Johnson was wearing a hoodie and, thus, was "sweating profusely" when they approached him.

Howard-Johnson told the officers the car was his aunt’s and he was waiting for his mother to pick him up. As police were checking his identification, Howard-Johnson reportedly jumped out of the car and then began running through nearby backyards. Eventually, he stopped running when one of the officers pointed a taser at him.

In one of Howard-Johnson’s pockets the officers found a small pack of Oreos, which the owner of the car said was in the vehicle.


He is charged with burglary of a motor vehicle, resisting arrest, evading and, yes, theft under $1,000 for, yes, the pack of Oreos.

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