What Is Going On In The News In Antioch Beach CA?

It is no secret that when you look at news these days, you get mostly negative information. Nightly news broadcasts try to end on a positive note. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of good news stories out there that end well, but for a combination of many reasons, including the major headlines needing to be reported in a short amount of time, news tends to be negative.

You are perhaps never reminded of it more than when you search news for a city and see what you find. For example, search Antioch Beach CA news, and see what headlines pop up. I can tell you that they are all related to death, up and down the entire first page of results, save for a couple general site titles simply mentioning the names of the publications. There is a news story about a poisoning, an accidental shooting, a murder, a police shooting and more.

The police shooting was of a civilian by a police officer. It was the accidental shooting that really caught my attention though. It was right at the top with the headlines that scroll. The person shot was a boy who was 15. He was accidentally shot by his friend with a pellet gun of all things. It is such a tragic story, and they said it happened the day summer vacation started.

That tells you another thing about searching news online. You get results that may not be the most recent but are the most significant. This accidental shooting happened a few months ago but was such a big story that it is in the news headlines when you search the web. There is nothing wrong with that unless you want to get the most current news. You can search for breaking news in Antioch Beach CA instead, or you can just read the news and look at dates.